Organic Learning: Learning Without a Curriculum

Hello to all! I’m Heather Martinson. Over the years, I’ve taken a unique approach to homeschooling my children, emphasizing explorative learning and personal interests over standard curriculums. Today, I’d love to share insights from this journey and the foundation of Celebration Education in 2006.

The Celebration Education Philosophy

Traditional education often leans heavily on structured curriculums. However, at Celebration Education, we’ve embraced a philosophy where learning is driven by exciting activities, guiding students through enriching adventures.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the magic that unfolds when children are given the liberty to explore their passions, free from the confines of standard educational paths. This approach requires guidance, though, and that’s where the Journey Program steps in.

Thematic Learning: Making Education Personal

Every year, we adopt a unique theme to guide our learning journey. In the past, themes ranged from Leonardo da Vinci to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to American history with a Minecraft overlay. In our weekly classes we introduce themed topics to the students through fun, engaging activities that integrate all school subjects. The purpose is to pique the interest in the topic. From there, the children can take as much time as they want learning more. This interest can lead to other interests, and before you know it, you have a child that is a natural and lifelong learner.

Enhancing Learning with “Fireworks” and Experiential Activities

To elevate the learning experience, I swear by what I term “fireworks” – these are vibrant activities crafted to take the spark that was lit by curiosity and turn it into a burning flame of learning. They are designed to be done at home with a parent. Paired with hands-on experiences or field trips, learning is a vivid adventure, not just a task.

Journaling: Capturing the World in Words

Journaling has been a cornerstone in our learning process. It not only refines language arts skills but also offers a space for introspection. Through journals, children can document their world, often enhanced with visuals or mementos.

Authentic and Fun Math

Subjects like math deserve a customized touch. While some families lean towards conventional methods, others, like mine, have found success through literature or real-world projects. The essence is to adapt the learning approach to match your child’s unique disposition.

Celebrating Achievements and Offering Enrichment

Acknowledgment and celebration play pivotal roles in our approach. Celebrating a child’s milestones nurtures motivation and enthusiasm. That’s why we’ve incorporated numerous enrichment activities in Yucaipa, all designed to cater to individual strengths and interests.

Join Our Celebration Education Community

 If you’re intrigued and want to dive deeper, we invite you to get a membership at , where we are growing a community of like-minded families. Join the movement! I’m always here to answer questions and guide anyone keen on embracing this approach.

Thank you for joining me on this enlightening journey. Here’s to many more learning adventures together!

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