CIV 50 States




50+ hours of fun lesson plans for a small group of mixed-age learners with all school subjects integrated into fun, thematic learning experiences in six topics:

  • Northeast
  • The South
  • The Midwest
  • Plains States
  • Mountain States
  • Pacific States

You get:

  • 6 Workshop Lessons
    • Each lesson has up to five hours of engaging group learning experiences.
    • Lessons are designed for 5-10 students, ages  5-12.
    • Activities are open-ended, student-centered experiences, highly adaptable for various ages and abilities.
    • Each lesson has 8 high-interest activities including:
      • a craft
      • collaborative activities
      • a language arts experience
      • a math or logic activity
      • a physically active experience
  • 6 Enrichment Class Lesson Plans
    Project-based enrichment class ideas that complement the Workshop lessons. The six enrichment class lessons are:

    • Animals of the US Regions
    • Art in the Kitchen
    • Regions of the USA Bibliovore
    • Heritages
    • Pets and Poetry
    • Rocks Rock
  • 6 Fireworks Lessons
    • Like homework, but better at lighting the fires of learning.
    • Designed to be used at home to complement the Workshop lessons.
    • Could be used as additional group learning experiences. Fireworks include:
      • Book recommendations
      • Language arts lessons
      • Journaling ideas
      • Math lessons
      • Math games
      • Short-term and long-term projects that complement the Revolutionary Era component.
  • BONUS! Two Celebrations
    • American Road Trip
    • America the Beautiful

This component is part of a year-long American History theme that Celebration Education used in 2020-2021. Celebration Education offers two days of 5-hour classes each week — one day of Workshop and one day of enrichment, with optional Fireworks activities that the families can do on their own at home. Each component is six weeks long.

Groups with less time together each week can adapt the lessons. For example, instead of doing all eight Workshop activities in one five-hour day (with a lunch break), Groups can do four activities in a two-hour day and make the lesson plans last for 12 weeks.

Here is the outline of the full year of lessons, as Celebration Education used the lessons:

  • Colonial America
  • Revolutionary Era
  • American Timeline (this component)
  • 50 States
  • California Dreamin’

All of the components are available in our store.


  • These lessons are American history with a Minecraft overlay. Playing Minecraft is not required for these lessons.
  • These lessons were originally written in 2021 and were used in Celebration Education’s learning groups. To get monthly access to Celebration Education’s current lesson plans, get a paid membership at