Arts and Animals

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Exciting lesson plans and collaborative activities for your kids to experience a fun and educational day with their homeschool friends.





Inspired by farming in Mesopotamia, this lesson plan is for a small group of mixed-age students, ages 5-11. Students make a craft, learn about farm animals in Mesopotamia, make a puppet theater, write a script, do a math project, perform a puppet show, and play a game.

Downloads include:

  • Workshop lesson for a small group of mixed-age students – up to five hours’ worth of content.
  • Student journal pages that go with the lesson.
  • “Fireworks” – These are extra activities that can be done in class or the families can use for follow-up learning at home.

This is an actual lesson plan that Celebration Education used for our own classes in Southern California. It is a sample from our Time Travel theme for the 2023-2024 school year. To continue to get the Time Travel lesson plans throughout the school year, get the Learning Group membership at .