Learning Outside the Box Mastermind Workshop for Mavericks

Are you thinking about starting a small learning group for your kids and their friends?
Let me help you!

I am leading an intensive, 8-week training and mastermind group to help you start your learning group. We’re meeting on Zoom for eight Thursdays, May 2 through June 27, at 4pm Pacific Time.

Hi! I’m Heather Martinson. I have run fun learning groups for 20 years, with thousands of kids coming through our program. Now you can be in the first cohort of moms to benefit from my experience!

This is an 8-week intensive experience where I will guide you through step-by-step actions so you can start your group in the fall of 2024. Actions include:

  • Choosing your group set-up, including when and where you will meet and who will teach your classes.
  • Setting up a website, with the potential to be listed on Celebration Education’s website.
  • Setting up registration and payment options.
  • Becoming a vendor for charter schools – you may be eligible to teach through Celebration Education, already a vendor for 15 charter schools.
  • Figuring out how much to charge for your classes so you make some money for all your hard work.
  • Officially setting up your business.
  • Finding students for your classes.
  • Deciding what you will teach – A full year of Celebration Education’s lesson plans will be available to you!
  • Holding your first trial day with potential students for your classes.

Registration opens on April 24, but you can
Get on the waitlist now.
I’m only taking ten members in this cohort!

This is an intensive, 8-week training and mastermind group that will help you start your learning group. We’re meeting on Zoom for eight Thursdays, May 2 through June 27, at 4pm Pacific Time.

You get all of this:

Mastermind Group CallsEight 1-hour live training/mastermind sessions where you learn and implement everything you need to start your learning group in fall 2024.$2000
Coaching Eight half-hour one-on-one coaching sessions as needed between weekly group calls.1200
Lesson PlansA full school year’s worth of engaging, hands-on, collaborative lessons that integrate all school subjects. There is enough content for up to 5 days of classes each week throughout the school year, plus six larger events.1575
Registration SystemA year’s worth of an integrated registration system, customized to your needs.1200
Group ListingYour group can be found on our membership map at LearningOutsideTheBox.com. 100

That’s a total of $6075, but you get 66% off!

Join for only $1980!

We’re only taking 10 people so get on our waitlist now and you will receive an invitation as soon as registration opens!

What People Are Saying

“The LOTB lesson plans are amazing and provide so many creative options that is easy to engage the students and bring out the genius in each of them! I highly recommend Celebration Education and Learning Outside the Box.”
– Apryl Donovan Kelava Freedom At Cedar Spoke Farm

“I love how Celebration Education exposes students to rich and engaging hands-on curriculum that addresses the needs of the individual student. “
– Melissa Stomp, Charter School Teacher

“It’s been wonderful to teach the way I always wanted to teach and see how much the kids flourish in our school.”
– Jean Panahi, Mom and Celebration Education Teacher

Get on the waitlist now!

Don’t miss this intensive, 8-week training and mastermind group on Zoom for eight Thursdays, May 2 through June 27, at 4pm Pacific Time!