A crowded classroom is a poor environment for a learning mind.

Children need:

  • To rediscover the enjoyment of learning.
  • To expand on their individual strengths.
  • To be respected.
  • To feel comfortable, included, and liberated.

Why not give them more?

Learning Outside the box is  engaging, hands-on, and social. Children love the learning and look forward to time with friends.

We can help!

Here's what your children get when they learn outside a traditional classroom.

Children who know who they are

When children are allowed to learn through their innate talents they gain confidence in themselves and are less likely to fall victim to passing social fads.

Children that love learning

Learning Outside the Box lesson plans are engaging, hands-on, and project-based learning experiences for small groups of kids.

Children that look forward to time with friends

You get to choose your child's "school" friends. Even an anxious child can come out of their shell and create lasting memories with their new friends.

Children that are Confident

Because you get to choose the children your kids learn with, your children can escape an environment that fosters bullying.

Here's what you get!

6 Workshop Lesson Plans

Fun, engaging, hands-on, and thematic small-group lessons that integrate all school subjects. These are the central lessons for all the others.

24 hours of content
$180 value

6 Fireworks Lesson Plans

Like homework, but better at lighting the fires of learning, these experiences complement the workshop lessons. They can be used for individuals or small groups.

90 hours of content
$90 value

Enrichment Lesson Plans

A deeper dive into topics of special interest.

24 hours of content
$20 value

Free Bonus Material

Bonus #1: A special event to celebrate the learning

2 hours of content
$15 value


Bonus #2:

$10 value

A total of 140 learning hours, worth $315.00

You get all this for only $25 -- for now!!

These are the lesson plans that Celebration Education teachers use in small groups in Southern California.
They do not yet have professional graphic design, so for now you are getting all of this for one low, low price!!

What People Are Saying

"The LOTB lesson plans are amazing and provide so many creative options that is easy to engage the students and bring out the genius in each of them! I highly recommend Celebration Education and Learning Outside the Box."
- Apryl Donovan Kelava Freedom at Cedar Spoke Farm
"I love how Celebration Education exposes students to rich and engaging hands-on curriculum that addresses the needs of the individual student. “
Melissa Stomp
Charter School Teacher
"It's been wonderful to teach the way I always wanted to teach and see how much the kids flourish in our school."
Jean Panahi
Mom and Celebration Education Teacher

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You don’t need to wait until fall. Your children have needs today. As a loving parent, you are more than capable of providing these profound learning experiences for your children and their friends — 
 — and we can show you how!!

Heather Martinson